Kitty Care

Even the most independant cat needs TLC, food, water and care when you travel.
Marcia’s Fur & Feathers Service is insured, bonded, and a certified member of Pet Sitters International, We’re ready to care for you’re cat while your out of town.

Affectionate care for even the sassiest cat

We have years of experiance caring for felines, and a little cattitude never puts us off. Instead of leaving your cat alone and bored for several days.

Why not have us stop by for playtime, feeding and other interaction ?

Full-Service cat care

  • Starting at $30 per visit
    Fresh Water
    Removal of waste material
    Lots of playtime
    Yummy treats
    Love and kisses
    Holidays are an additional $10

Bonus house-sitting

In addition to caring for your cat(or dog) while your away, We’ll be glad to pick up any mail or newspapers when we stop by for a visit.

Your home will get the traffic it needs to discourage burglars, and your cat will be fed and excersised.